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I have windows 7 running. I replaced my linksys router with an Airport Extreme. now my windows 7 pc connects to the Airport as well as the 2 mac books I have. The problem is in hardwire connection mode the pc can get to the internet. In wireless mode it is local only. I tried to find HOMEGROUP and delete it but it doesnt show up so i think it is already disabled. any suggestions?
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  1. Generate an ipconfig dump for each configuration, one when connected via wire, the other when connected via wireless, and post the results here (w/ appropriate labeling). Let’s compare them.

    To generate an ipconfig dump, go to Start, and in the search input field, type "cmd" (no quotes), and hit enter. In the command window, type "ipconfig /all > temp.txt" (no quotes) and post the file's contents here.
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