Another 5770 or upgrade to 6850?

I have a gaming PC, and am working on building a secondary PC. But I have to decide between two options for the GPU:

1. I can swap the 5770 out of my current PC into the new one, and buy an even better video card for my PC; mainly looking at the 6850.
2. I can buy a new 5750 or 5770 for the new PC, and then in the future when I eventually upgrade my computer and buy a new GPU again, I'll be able to put both of the older cards into crossfire in one PC, and put the new card into the other.

But, is it worth upgrading to the 6850 now, or should I just settle for getting a 5750 or 5770?
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  1. You could wait for the AMD 6900 series release. It might get the prices down a little bit.

    It is better to get the best single card you can and buy another one to CF in the future IMO.
  2. Without knowing the rest of your pc /cpu , m/b, ram and your exact intentions its hard to give a recommendation. But I think I get what your saying.
    I would move up to the 6850 if your cpu can make use of it, its MUCH faster especially when o/c than a 5770. You can get near 5850/5870 performance from a 6850 which is what 2-5770's would give you. Which is more impressive coming from a single card.
  3. Consider this... you already HAVE the HD 5770. To get similar power to a 6870 you could buy a 6870 or just buy another 5770. Or if you REALLY want to be cost-effective and still have a setup that cooks... just get two of these babies:
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