3870 vs Passive 5770?

I'm building a new system and i ant it to be quiet. I wonder if its worth upgrading a 3870 ati that i already own, to a passive cooled 5770, such as this one from Gigabyte.

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  1. The 5770 is at least 2 times better than 3870 (correct me if I'm wrong). But do you need it? 3870 is still a good card. What resolution is your monitor?
    And also, it's the first time I see a passive 5770. I researched it a bit. It was released in August, but there is nothing like this on newegg. Maybe it runs too hot? Is there going to be any air flow inside the case?
  2. imo unless its the same price as a regular 5770 i dont think you should spend extra money for this passive stuff, some cards are pretty damn quiet these days,
    like some of the gtx 460's for example are inaudible
    i have an evga (reference) gtx 460 and it can't be heard
    the msi cyclone and hawk designs are also pretty much inaudible
    and they are pretty cheap now on newegg
  3. Get one that uses standard cooling. Passive cooling only works when the room temp is cool and there is plenty of air flow in the case. Just wait till next summer that card won't hold up if it were to be min my state will I bet that it would idle at 90c given how hot it gets down here.
  4. From Where i live, Standard 5770 cost 100-120 Euro and this one costs 165. Thing is i'm building a server and i need it to be quiet. I dont know if the card will get heated or not, but i dont consider using this PC on the summer...

    So how much of an upgrade do you consider it will be compared to the 3870?
  5. If the machine is a server then you need to purchase a lower end card. Buying a gaming card for a server is bad judgment and very questionable. Right now I am going to college as a network admin.....
  6. I dont mean a dedicated server running 24/7. Basically more like a downloader it will be with the option to server a nearby PC and a laptop.
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