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PNY 470 GTX and with MSI Kombuster temps stay low 70c when using AA .

Hi I just switched from ATI and so far the 470 is decent with a MSI AFB fan profile and slight OC, but when I run Kombustor the benchmark with no AA my temps or normal 84c and when I enable any type AA (MSAA/CSAA) my temps are low 70c and I know something ain't right. Anyway my fps avg. 257 no AA and fps avg. 137 with 4xMSAA is this about right really drops fps with AA I know it drops fps but almost half and like I said lower temp also. Any help/info, Thanks!
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    From what I've noticed, with both ATI and Nvidia cards, high FPS generates more heat than high details. That seems about right.
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