Where does the hd6850 place?

I heard that the hd6850 and gtx 460 were on par with each other. I am now hearing that the hd6850 and hd6870 are the replacements for the 5770. Is the hd6850 as good as the gtx 460? If not I will get the gtx 460. (I do a lot of research) I also heard that Nvidia cards are better for lower end CPUs because of the Physx engine. Would it efect my FPS if I used a gtx 460?
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  1. the 6850 and the gtx 460 is about the same performance i say the 460 can be 5-10% faster at most..but at what cost? it takes 10-15% more power and runs hotter then some 6850 and the 6850 can be overclock and pass the 5850/6870

    i would say go for the AMD 6850

    as for the physx engine i doubt it makes much of a diffrence it even at all
  2. Okay, I heard that the hd6850 normally gets a few more fps than the gtx 460, but they trade off. I will buy the hd6850 and OC it.

    P.S. If anyone else wants to say anything about them please do. :D
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