First boot small problem

I have just built a new pc, but have not yet installed the ram as I don't have it. I am getting 2 short beeps with the P7H55-M PRO but it doesn't define it in the mobo manual. Any ideas?
Also, would I need a DVI cable instead of VGA to view the BIOS on first boot. I have inbuilt graphichs from i3.

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  1. Just looked it up.


    It ain't gonna do anything else until you put at least one stick in there.
  2. ram not present dude lol really?
  3. REALLY ... but i din't look that up and it was not a direct quote ...

    ... Any mobo ever made will do the same thing ... pretty much.

    Your post will hang at the earliest stage, without RAM installed ...
  4. i wasn't trying to make fun of you/offend you , I was stating really?! to the OP because he didnt know why his computer wasn't working.
  5. ryany said:
    i wasn't trying to make fun of you/offend you , I was stating really?! to the OP because he didnt know why his computer wasn't working.

    ... No ... I wasn't offended and I was just cracking a little joke , totally in fun ... not meaning for that to be at anyone's expense ... much (titter).

    The reason I could not resist "cracking up", is because my career suddenly flashed before my eyes and I saw (heard) hundreds of "NO RAM" beep errors, ringing in my ears, all at once ... stretching ALL the way back to the Zilog Z80-B and the CP/M operating system, with 120 nano-second RAM, where I (the company tech) was entrusted to hand-insert 16 or more DIP RAM chips directly into DIP sockets, on the mobo. ... The legs of the RAM packages would fold under the chip, very easily, and you could not see it, even on close inspection, at times ... VERY frustrating, trying to figure out which chip was bad ... you needed 8 chips just to make one binary "word", which was striped across 8 chips so, if even one of the eight chips was bad, or if you did not insert all the (very weak) legs, with equal force, ... well ... troubleshooting RAM installs was not pretty, back then.

    ... and ... the funniest part of all? ... THE BEEP CODES HAVE NOT CHANGED !!! (just more OF them).

    ... So, Yeah ... " I just looked up the error code" ... [snort! ] ... Laughing at myself ... Laughing at HOW LONG that I've been at this ... and at how pathetic the earliest PCs really were !
  6. And ... like I said ... The actual code does not matter ... because one of the very first things the bios does is to load it's own code into RAM ...

    ... Once the RAM is sensed and tested ..., I'm pretty sure that the Video Card is the next major common error "road-bock" that the tech is likely to notice ...

    ... Oh ... and ... I almost forgot ... THAT beep code is one of the few "special dual codes" ..

    ... So, the OP is actually ahead of the game ! ... I can't tell you how many TS threads, that I have worked, where the OP expects us to TS boot-failure, without a speaker installed ! ... shhhure.
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