Mac book vs dell xps

hello friends,
help me buy a good laptop....
actually i prefer a lap worth around $1700...
my priority s towards mac book pro..
if i buy dell xps, i could buy a high config lap...
i want lap for normal purposes with some gaming too...
i heard that high config xps gets heated easily and also mac book pro is not good for gaming...
i want good gaming too...
so what should i prefer in this case....
plz tell your suggestions...

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  1. sorry dude i'm interested only in dell and mac laps.....:( :( :( :(
  2. the first one is a dell though...
  3. ok but any other info about mac book pro ..
    advantages or disadvantages...???
  4. i prefer laps below $1700
  5. Well the 15" mbp starts at $1800, but Dells are notorious for terrible batteries. But if you are just gaming and an outlet will be nearby I would reccomend an Alienware by Dell or an XPS.
  6. My MacBook has been to hell and back (literally) and survived to tell the tale. There is a reason why Apple has stuck with an all aluminum case and rigid magnesium alloy frame when all the other manufacturers have gone cheap with plastic.

    At a friend's company (where he is the director of IT) they issue their folks Dell Latitudes. He estimated the average life expectancy at about 7-8 months before the machine is returned with hardware issues due to failure or breakage. Most of these are repaired or replaced, but starting last year, they gave their folks the option of getting a MacBook instead. He said they have yet to have a single MacBook back for repairs or replacement, and only a handful of calls for help with software issues.

    You will probably find that the Dell is going to give you more hardware for your money, and if you are an avid gamer, that is huge. The Apple, though, will probably hold its value for a lot longer.

    As far as gaming, you are correct. The MacBook is at best a mediocre performer. If gaming is your primary concern, then I would steer you towards the Dell with a hefty warranty package.
  7. Macs have gotten better at games, however, dell is definitely the way to go for gaming. Like Houndsteeth said, apple is much better quality. I would at least consider ASUS laptops as they make quality laptops as well as being good for gaming
  8. i am not much interested in gaming..
    but i need a bit of gaming and normal purposes required for a college student..
    so will mac be usefull...
  9. could be, depends what kinda games you like. Left for dead, assassins creed are all on macs. Just check Steam to see what mac games they have. If you dont like the selection, then get a windows based laptop. You could go for an xps laptop but i would recommend asus, as there quality laptops, that also provide good value for what they come with. That in mind, gaming on laptops is usually not the best so you should probably go with the quality rather than gaming.
  10. At the moment, it pretty much seems like youve already decided what you want.

    thats the only decent mac. unless you wanna add in another $500 don't get it.
  11. Don't be afraid of refurb product from Apple, either. It still comes with the first year warranty and you can purchase AppleCare for the additional 3 years coverage as well anytime in that first year. I like to think of it as having a chance to go through QC a second time.

    I can't stress enough how important warranty coverage is on a laptop. Parts are small and expensive, and while most are fairly durable, things can and do go wrong, so it is good to have a warranty in your back pocket. On desktops, I usually tell folks not to worry. But laptops are another matter altogether.

    One thing to keep in mind...don't max out hard drives or memory from Apple. You pay a premium. Buy aftermarket memory and hard drives and have someone who is qualified do the upgrade for you (or do it yourself if you are comfortable doing so). Replacing these parts will not void your warranty, as long as the kit you replace it with fits the requirements.

    Also, if you are ordering within the US< take a look at third-party channels like MacMall. While their prices might not be any cheaper than the Apple Store's, they usually throw in extra merchandise or free shipping, and if you don't live in the same state as their business, they don't charge sales tax, though if it is for business, you may have to declare use tax in lieu of sales tax.

    If this is a purchase for school, look at the deals at your university computer center. You can usually get a boatload of freebies in addition to a good deal on your laptop. There is also a special portal on the Apple Store for educational purchases.
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