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MSI GTX 460 1GB HAWK talon attack
I am having some problem with the drivers probably but i dont know how to resolve this problem (i use the latest drivers for 460 series - NVIDIA_259.22_Win7_Vista64) - i use win7 64bit OS
The problem is when i play some game and after that i shut it down the windows laggs . i.e. drop down menus in any program like mozilla or anything else.
After reset the problem is gone, or recently i have found out when i changed resolution to 800x600 and than back to 1600x1200 the problem was gone without restarting) - i am not sure if the video driver is getting reloaded when you change resolution but please any fix for this? its a bit annoying to change resolution every time, the icons get all over the screen - or to restart your computer every now and than.

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  1. sorry for double posting but i just discovered this - i guess this problem is appearing when the GPU is clocked, after some time using the card (surfing the web) clocked at 851MHz, shader clock @ 1702MHz and memory clock at 2010MHz, it starts laggin - after changing resolution the problem is gone but after some time it comes back - lagging again.

  2. I might be wrong, but, I don't think the 259.22 drivers are the latest atm. Make sure to check for the latest reference drivers. You don't have to use the MSI ones and generally IMO, the reference drivers are better and more frequently updated.

    Also, it seems possible you could have some residual video drivers or settings that are causing your issue. You could always try removing the drivers and restarting in safe mode. Also try running a driver cleaner utility while your in safe mode to eliminate that as a possible issue.


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