Nasty side effect (Can't destroy base shield)

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Up until few hosts ago a wing of 2000T1 robot fighters were able to
take out a basehield (even on a HW planet). I remember doing the sims
for this and I used that tactic several times in real games.

Now either due to changes in VCR logic OR changes done to reduce the
VCR sizes *) it seems (Cylon) wings can't hack it anymore. Problem
seems to be either the wings with short fire range can't engage the
base as often as they used to or the VCR ends prematurely.

In game it looks like this (real example from yesterdays host run):
Cylon wing parked over HW with fleet, combat begins as normal. Wing is
flying in normal pattern but doesn't come near enough to shoot the
base. Ships don't fire as the BS is still up, base Ion cannons take a
few shots as the ships pass over the planet. VCR ends at tick 678.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this happen few times now. The wing I used
in example has 4432T1s + 404T2s.

- Skies

*) Unless I'm mistaken Tim introduced a program to stop the VCR combat
unless there's damage done in cenrtain time frame?
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    If the base has AA Guns, you need to split up your fighters into more
    wings, because AA Guns push fighters out of range.

    This goes for almost all races, but very particularly to the Robots due
    to how low their firing range is.
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    You need to set at least one of your ships to not avoid the ground base
    or the combat will end early. I recommend one that has a lot of point
    defense (that's difficult for Cylons).

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