Laptop turns off when moved

I have an Acer Aspire 5050 which turns off when moved. I have tried another power brick / cable and the same thing happens - I have also bought and installed a brand new power board incase it was the jack...still the same problem!

Any advice or ideas as to what else could be the problem would be much appreciated.

Sometimes you can barely move the laptop without it turning off, others you can move it around freely to an extent but then it will turn off.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Not to sure on this one, how about the battery, is it loose, are the connections breaking everytime you move.
  2. Even without the battery in the power gets lost just from the mains. The battery is getting on a bit now and doesnt hold a great charge but not sure the investment is worth it if the thing does not stay on..
  3. So your laptop powers up without the battery whilst plugged into the mains. Every laptop I have worked with needs the battery in even when plugged in to mains.

    Sounds a strange one if you have changed the charger and the power board.
  4. Correct.

    Although oddly, it sometimes wont power up the moment i hit the may take a few attempts or sometimes i'll move the cable around and it will power on, however it could be a coincidence as 9/10 it will power on first time.
  5. Does it completely power off i.e no lights on? or is it the screen just going blank? Has it been dropped or damaged recently? If the battery can hold charge for a few mins, try taking the mains out and just using the battery, do you get same result?

    Heard a few like this that turned out to be various problems from a simple hard drive connection to a slightly bent motherboard.
  6. i shall give it a charge when i get home and test to see if it does it with the battery alone. It definetly powers down completely no lights or anythin and on restart you get the screen about windows not shutting down correctly. No damage as far as im aware....
    The only thing i have noticed if the battery is in and the mains is plugged in too - if it doesnt power on the first time i press the button i have seen the battery light flash a couple of times but nothing else happens - does that mean anything?
  7. forgot to mention the last time i used just the battery it did work fine with no power issues...
  8. t3stin said:
    forgot to mention the last time i used just the battery it did work fine with no power issues...

    I would try replacing the battery, charge it up fully and then use it. They are usually fairly cheap.

    Good luck anyway
  9. Are you saying rely on the battery to use the laptop? The life of them arent great and id be lucky to get a good hour from it...
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