Asus LGA1155 vs LGA2011? Deluxe vs Maximus ROG vs Rampage ROG?

Looking to build a new PC.

Trying to decide between LGA2011 vs LGA1155. Cost is an issue- but I also want max performance in my budget of about $1000 or less for CPU, MOBO and DDR3.

I am wondering a few things:

#1- LGA2011 worth the extra cost over LGA1155 ? I plan to run a PCIe Raid0 card with 4 port SATAIII possibly- and I plan to run 10+ HDD's for media server needs and playing HDTV movies on projector. I also want maximum USB3.0 ports and Sata6G ports.

Wondering first what platform is better for my needs. I was looking at the new 4 core LGA2011 chip coming out in a few weeks for $284 (i7 3820). Looks very comparable to the 2500k or 2600K on LGA1155 but with LGA2011 platform advantages. Are the Platform advantages of LGA2011 worth $100 or $150 more for a motherboard? Would this new LGA2011 4 core CPU be worth it over a 2500k for about the same price?

#2. What asus board?

What is your opinion on the ASUS Rampage vs Deluxe?


The Maximus Xtreme vs Deluxe Gen3 vs PRO vs V Gen3?

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  1. sounds like you are running an extremely cpu intensive setup. the 2011 gives great performance boosts for calculation encoding decoding ops but no real advantage for gaming FPS.

    the new chip you are talking about hasent been benched or at least i havent seen one so i do not know if its any better than the 1155 series. the two that are currently out are much better. another thing to consider is the RAM that ive seen for 2011 costs its weight in gold and tha alone may push you over $ 1k whereas ram for 1155 is cheap.

    also the 2600k which is a 1155 can e overclocked very well with an aftermarket aircooler, ive seen claims of 4.8 ghz on aircooling with aftermarket BUT i think you are really looking at 4.5-4.6.

    hope ive helped a little and ASUS is the way to go for MB in my opinion :D
  2. thanks !

    I think the 2500k is the best value...
  3. yup 2500k it is!

    I just need to decide on a mobo. I am thinking Z68 Asus deluxe.
  4. I ended up getting the 2600k and the asus.

    The 2600k was only $50 more than the 2500k so it seemed worth it.

    $284 vs $224 on Newegg.
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