Is the Thermaltake W0319RU 850W Modular PSU a good Power Supply?

I'm looking for a modular power supply that is at least 750W or higher.

I found the Thermaltake W0319RU here:

For $99

It has everything I need but I've never bought a thermaltake before so was wondering if they're any good?
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  1. a lot of lower end PSU are junk but their upper tier units like that one are fine. what do you plan to power with it?
  2. Mixed reviews on alot of Thermaltake units
    The price is right though.
    Can't find a reputable review on that unit anywhere.
    Pretty sure it's an old outdated design.
    Thermaltake does have some good units higher up their model line like Toughpower XT and up.
    This is a good unit with plenty of reviews.
    What exactly are your needs for a high powered psu?
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