Can anyone confirm this?

Ive come across something rather interesting here but im not sure if im right.... while looking at the reviews of the 6850 I couldnt help but realise the 4890 and the gtx 280 were VERY close together, and that two 4890's would be a little quicker than a 5970... Now, the cheapest I can find a new, non ebay, 4890 is £108 at .
And the cheapest new, no ebay GTX 280 was £248, more than double the price of the 4890... for the same performance? It just seems unreal. Can anyone confirm this cause getting a few of these is so tempting if my hunches are true. :pt1cable:
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  1. HD4890 has always competed with the GTX275/GTX280, though seeing it hit the HD5970 is pretty impressive (considering even the HD5850 is faster than the 4890).
  2. I think its just plain retarded that everyone doesnt just have 4 4890's lol... I think im gonna treat myself with two of them for christmas, the value is unbelivable. It will be a giant upgrade from my single 9800 GT
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