Building New Gaming Computer Tomorrow Morning ! HELP

I'm purchasing my brand new computer tomorrow !

Im only spending 850 tomorrow at a local store who's prices are similar to

Although the total budget will be about 1100 CAD after I need to know great parts to get for an upgradable system when I get my 300 bucks in a month or two.

Needs To Be i7 CPU

I don't care about i5, sandy bridge, some sort of i7 CPU.

Great Motherboard that is attractive ( Im shallow ) just so that when I have it put together it feels sexy :)<3

8 - 12 GB DDR3 ) 1333 or higher

And Heatsink because I will be overclocking

I will SLI / crossfire later down the road, but for now any GPU that is single and plays games in today's generation at 35 fps +

Probably a 700 or 750 Watt PSU

and DVD/CD drive ( dont care about blu ray but you can sure )

Any case that is attractive, and sleek, clean, well cooled and is cheap. ( BRAND NAME PLEASE )


I will be overclocking ! @ the moment I do not need my keyboard / mouse / OS / Monitor but if you find windows 7 64 bit in a combo for really cheap that fits in the budget please add !


Anyways thank you !

Keep 850 in mind with the 1100 for later also on the mind
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  1. <--- this link

    Switch the psu on that build to a decent 750w, switch out the 2500K with a 2600K and then combo it with the Corsair heat sink that's on there...and you can switch out the 2x4 gigs of RAM to 2x2 to save some more money...and make sure you remove one of those gtx 570's and that should get you to your price point (budget).
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