Smallest possible case for a gaming orientated rig?

I'm looking to build a fairly small gaming computer but can't find a case that I really like... I am looking for a small minimalist case with no flashiness that still get's decent airflow. Anything under 16"x11"x16" would be ideal. Micro ATX or Mini ITX, don't really care.

Here are some cases I have looked at and like the design but it seems that none of them get the airflow needed.

And my ideal case would be...

But apparently they don't have a US carrier for that product.

Any ideas?

EDIT:: I want to put one of the new i5's in there with a Radeon HD 6950.
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  1. I think you need at least a mid ATX case just to fit a 6950 inside yet alone get the airflow.
  2. the 6950 is quite big around 10.5 in length.29cm!
  3. It fits with room to spare in the Define Mini.

    I think I'll just cave and buy that case from a EURO vendor.

    Thanks guys.
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