Problem with radeon hd 5870 i need help please!

problem with radeon hd 5870 i need help please!

acer aspire m7720
intel(r) core(tm) i7 cpu 920 @ 2.67 ghz 2.67 ghz
9 gb ddr3 ram
64 bit operation system windows vista
old graphic card is nvidia ge force gt 220
old power supply was 450 watt
got a new 750 antec earthwattts (certified for my card)
and a new radeon xfx hd 5870

i had no problems with installing the power supply and everything is hooked up to the right place but when i install this new graphic card all sorts of problems started ... at first i uninstalled all nvidia drivers then turned off the computer removed the card and placed the new 5870 and hooked up the 2 pci e connectors from the power supply to the video card and when i turn on the computer everything is fine i install the drivers from the cd giving with the card and when i comme to play any games the screen flickers allot and after a while turns in a green and white line across the screen ( the color depends on the game ) now i installed the lattest drivers ( i think ) and when i restart the computer i get no signal from my screen so no pitcures and i notice my mouse and keyboard was also not turning on and i didnt hear a beep noise ... soo i removed the graphic card and reinstalled the old gt 220 and everything works fine ... im thinking its a driver problem or a bios problem or something ... any help ?

now my computer wont even start when i put my 5870 ... like it will start but i hear no beep and that means its not booting up ... nothing on the screen ...
i have no idea whats wrong i removed it and replaced it like 5 times and still dosent work but when i put my old card ge force gt 220 it works fine ... i cant even install any drivers for the card if the computer wont boot up

any ideas whats causing the problem
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  1. Try to use driver sweep to remove all old drivers from both cards ( make sure you have the new drivers for the HD 5870 dloaded ) remove the GPU from the device manager then reboot, Install the new 5870 drivers
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