Dell xps gen 5 power suppley for hd 4830

hi this is my first post im looking to upgrade from a geforce 6800 to a ati hd 4830 but im worried about the psu for my system is a
and i cant see the rails volts because half of the sticker hidden in the pc
also i just installed a Pentium d and my fans going so loud now i have to keep the case off to keep it quiet.i know there mountings of dust in there its never been cleaned would it help to clean the fans and staff.if any one needs more specs i can give
plz help me im waitingto buy the card now so a reply would help a lots
thanks for reading
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  1. Yep you're good power wise a HD 4830 requires 26A on the 12V rail.
    400-500W psu will power the card provided it supplies the amperage and yours does.
    Clean your case and components like heatsink,fans,etc.
    Temps will drop.
  2. thanks one more question is had a 8600gt and was working for half a week and then the screen turned off then i had a dead card so i put my 6800gt back u think think the 8600gt overheated i got it 2nd hand on eBay.also is a 4830 hd good for gameing for cheap cost
  3. Personally i would never buy a 2nd hand gpu unless i knew the person.
    From the sounds of it you're on a budget,which is fine.
    Honestly i would buy something new and current with a warranty.
    Plenty of decent cards under $100 like 5570/5670/5770
    GTS 250/GTS 450,2912-2.html
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