System will not POST, yet worked fine

Hello everyone I would like your opinion on my following problem. I bought the following parts and built my computer, first power on test went fine one single beep and then I installed Windows 7 64 bit. I had no problems for about 7 weeks until one day I turned my computer on and the screen said something like bios is corrupt flashing backup, so it reflashed the corrupt bios with its backup and then booted as normal.

AMD Phenom II Quad Core Black Edition
Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
Gigabyte HD6950 - With original factory bios, I didn't do the flash to turn it into a HD6970.
Corsair 2x2GB PC-12800 DDR3
CoolerMaster 700W Extreme Plus
Samsung Sata DVDRW
Seagate 1 TB HDD
NZXT Hades

About one week later I power on my computer and I get 3 long beeps, pause, 3 long beeps, pause... According to my manual this is a graphics card not inserted properly problem. I removed the graphics card and powered on, same beeps. I put it back in, same beeps. I put in the graphics card again and then it boots, no error codes no nothing goes straight into windows no problems. It boots fine for a week and now its doing the beeps again. So I decided to be hardcore and thought the motherboard might be faulty. I took everything out of the case and placed the motherboard on a piece of cardboard and installed the basics, CPU, 1 stick of ram, hard drive and graphics card. It booted first time and and the following 3 times I restarted it. I then carefully rebuilt the computer and now I'm getting the same series of beeps. I got frustrated and just kept hitting the reset switch and then it booted normally, no errors, no problems.

When I got into windows I downloaded the @bios program made by gigabyte and updated and flashed my bios, it said it was sucessful and that it required a restart, I held my breath and it restarted normally I was back into Windows. I then tested my luck and shut it down and turned it on again, the beeps came back. I removed the graphics card once more and plugged my monitor into the integrated graphics my motherboard has. Same beep sequence for the first 2 restarts and then it booted into windows. When windows loaded I noticed that the ATI drivers failed to recognize the integrated graphics card even thought its an ATI chip.

This leads me to believe that my motherboard is faulty and is still under warranty. My HD6950 works fine I put it in a mate's computer and it booted first go. I did the paperclip test on my PSU, works fine. One interesting thing I noted was that when I removed the RAM as well as the graphics card the same sequence of beeps. So what is your opinion, I think its a faulty motherboard and will take it back on your advice and I appreciate any feedback.

Thanks guys
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  1. You might take a look at your case wiring. a short freked out a 16 camera DVR I built
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