HD 5770 to GTX 470

Hey guys i just ordered http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125338 to replace my HD 5770, the reason i didnt xfire another 5770 is that my MB sucks for xfire and WOW doesnt really like xfire at all. Plus i'll be upgrading to new CPU/ram/MB next year and will SLI the gtx 470. This way i'll get more then a year out of it.

Will i be seeing substantial upgrades in my games, i play Metro 2033, WOW, Dirt 2, BFBC2, MW2, ME2, Bioshock2. WOW is the game i play the most and after the recent patch i'm not able to run it in ULTRA anymore, also, even when i play on medium settings i cant FRAPS and still have a reasonable framerate.

So, do you think i would see a good improvement in FPS/smoothness of my games?

The rest of my system is:
4gb Crucial ram
Kingwin Lazer 750wt psu
Aftermarket cpu cooler
Antec 902
hd 5770 for now :)
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