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Hello everyone,

It has been a while since i have posted here. My system was running very well.Couple of days ago I checked my cpu temperatures and on average there was around 43-45 with couple of browsing pages opened. Then I decided to change a thermal paste( I used same paste that used when building PC 1,5 year ago.I kept it in the fridge )After new paste applied temperatures dropped down a little bit to average 40 but nowhere near to the 32-33 I used to have previously.!? Thank you for your help in advance.Nebula.
P.S. I have over clocked my RAM's to 1600 if any relation could be found here.

P6TD deluxe.i7 920DO.Corsair CORSAIR TR3X6G1600C7 DDR3 6GB 1600MHZ.antec 300. Antec TruePower New 650W Modular PSU .asus radeon 5770 igb.samsung spin point f3 500gb.Pioneer dvr-s18l series 22x22.HP LP2475w 24" Windows 7 64 bit
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  1. Sounds to me like a good cleaning might be in order if you haven't already.
    Dirty fans/heat sinks and intake filters effect temps.
  2. Hi Davcon,

    Funny enough a gave some cleaning too. Cleaned fans, heat sink. At the moment I can only think of extra cotton net I attached on each fan grill on the PC case and on the PSU to prevent from dust getting inside.
  3. Filters have the advantage of collecting dust and also a disadvantage of restricting airflow.
    Big reason why CM's HAF series has excellent airflow(no filters) at the expense of dust.
    Adding extra filters is definitely a no no! as far as airflow goes.
    I have two cases with filters and both are off the floor which decreases dust intake by a huge factor.
  4. Would 40 be ok for CPU if I keep them on? I have cat at home and want to keep my PC too:)
  5. Since the CPU contains the memory controller changing the frequency may increase your temps a bit....

    Also, the temperature of the room will affect your CPU temps. I ran 30C idle all winter, 68F heater setting. Now that temps are in the 80F air-conditioner setting, my CPU is idling at 33C. (NOTE: I also run in a 120mm Noctua aftermarket cooler and the system is mounted in a HAF-X case.... so, 40C doesn't sound bad at all to me)
  6. Thank you jb6684,

    I should try to make default settings for RAM's and see if any changes occur. By the way do you know how to make default RAM settings in BIOS by any chance?
    Thanks Tomas.
  7. Usually just change the RAM settings to AUTO. Or, just select "Load Defaults" in the BIOS that should put everything back to stock for you...
  8. Thank you jb6684
  9. The rise in temperature could be due to the ambient temperature - it wasn't in winter that you had temps of 32-33 was it?
  10. Yes indeed it was winter. We had heating on too though. But i suppose it is warmer now then winter time in the house.:) Couple of things I want to check out:
    1) make RAM's default frequency
    2)to take of the extra filters I have put on the fan grills
    3) and maybe stick my PC into fridge :)
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