How should the cpu fan be aligned in a CM 932

Hey guys. I just upgraded to a gtx 570 and got a new case. I had the antec 900, but now im using the haf 932. However, the cpu temps are a about 5-10 degrees higher than in my old case (ive done much better cable management in this one and the overall airflow seems better).

My cpu fan is lined up with the back fan, and i was wondering if maybe it should be lined up with the top instead. Anyone know for sure so i can save some time?
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  1. If you are using the stock fans, according to the CM website, the rear 140 mm fan pushes 60 CFM and the top 230 mm fan pushes 110 CFM at full speed, so the top one would push out more heat than the rear one. And hot air has a natural tendency to rise. Don't have the case so can't say for sure, but might be worth trying to line it up blowing upwards. Would help if we knew what cpu fan you're using.
  2. im using the zalman 9700
  3. Yeah, up works with heat, i am surprised you have any temperature change much less 5-10c.

    Could the heatsink have been moved a bit causing it to have worse contact then it used to.

    I had the CNPS 9500AT facing up in my 900 case. it worked well.
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