How to convert Nvidia GeForce 6100 to Nvidia Geforce 7600

How to convert Nvidia geforce 6100 to Nvidia Gforce 7800
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  1. By buying a Nvidia GeForce 7800 and replacing the 6100......
    Unless you plan on flashing the BIOS of the 6100 to the BIOS of a 7800.
    I really can't be sure it'll work but will get back to you in sometime.....
  2. ???
  3. Well, here news for you..... the 6100 seems to be an IGP..... not upgradable..... :)
    And the 7600 happens to be a PCIe GPU... no way in which an IGP could be converted to a PCIe.
    What you need to do is buy a new GPU and put it into your PCI/PCIe slot which ever it is compatible with and disable the IGP in the BIOS.
    So my earlier answer happens to be a little wrong, you can't get the 6100 out and replace it....... :) you just have to do with disabling it...
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