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I have posted a similar thread earlier but got no solution....I'm going to try again...
I have a MSI mobo and a phenom II x4 965...I left my system on and left for work, when i came back it was switched off with just the power led on the cpu case glowing dimly...I tried everything like pulling out everything from he case and resetting...I have a spare athlon II cpu which i replaced with my phenom II but it didn't work either so that rules out a faulty cpu...even changed the psu with a brand new one but that didn't work either so again that rules out a faulty psu..

Now I took out the mobo from the case, placed it on a cardboard on the table, reconnected the psu and tried to short the power sw pins on the mobo with a screw driver..and here is my observation when i pull out the 4 pin atx connector from the mobo it boots up but nothing happens, just the cpu cooler fan spins, there is no beep sound or any other response. But when i reconnect the 4 pin atx connector to the mobo there is a strange flickering sound, the cpu cooler fan and the psu fan just spin for like half a second then dies.

Please help, I am certain its my mobo cuz rest of the components are fine. What is wrong here, is the mobo's cpu socket faulty..not being able to supply power to the cpu through the atx cable? :??:
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  1. For how long have you been using your motherboard? is it almost new? .. I am pretty sure you will have to get another one or send that to Guarranty.
    But if it's not new;
    1st. it could be due to excees of dust on it, clean it.
    2nd. check that the ram is well placed.. or try one by one. just to be sure.
    3.rd. look in you motherboard's manual to indentify that flickering sound or beeps.
    4th. if the list didint help, change motherboard. it is not the cpu socket. it is the whole motherboard..
  2. Have you tried booting without the video card.
    I had the exact same fault happen on my HTPC tried everything.
    The last resort was to try and boot it with onboard video and as soon as I pulled the Gforce card out it booted just fine.
    Other than that, your mobo is most likely done for.....
    Hope this helps....JQ
  3. The mobo is just 2 months old and under warranty, I took the video card out when I tested it. I'm really confused here, I forgot to mention that I had a kingston 1333mhz ddr3 value RAM installed and value RAMs are not meant to be overclocked but I had it oc'd to 1600mhz. A faulty RAM will not allow the system to boot up, in some cases there is constant beeping which is not there in mine. There is just a flickering sound and then dead silence. As I have mentioned before the cpu fan spins with the 4 pin atx cable out so may be the mobo is fine.

    I'm just very confused...could i have damaged the RAM due to ocing or is it really the mobo, if its the RAM then why is there no constant beeping which is a feature I am not sure my mobo has or not. Please if anyone has an idea what might be wrong do help me out and thanks for responding to my thread.
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