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Hi Guys,

i need a budget card within a price range of 80$ to 100$, for now i have selected two cards Gt 240 and 5570, it's very hard to decide between these two, read many reviews and yes i know GT 240's benchmark are greater than 5570
but Gt 240 is a dx 10.1 card whereas 5570 is a dx11 card,

My current setup is Intel 975xbx, ati x1950 pro 512mb card and have this below power supply


+3.3 +5 +12 -12 -5 5vsb
20a 26a 16a 0.5a 0.3a 2.0a

Resolution i will be using is 1440 * 900

So i need either a new card suggestion or a choice between gt 240 and 5570.

is directx11 gonna help me in any way other than that gt 240 beats 5570 in all angles?

5570 is a pci x16 2.1 card i guess, will my motherboard support this card?

will these cards best x1950 pro 512mb?

Also if i wait for say 2 or 3 months is there going to be any card in that budget range??

help me out guys
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  1. GT 240 would be a better choice. DirectX 11 would put the 5570 on a high load, so you would get nice view, but in pictures :) get the gddr5 version of GT 240. You can wait your whole life, if you want :)
  2. Well, you can get HD5670 for just a little money...
    HD5670 is faster than HD5570 and GT240.
  3. WHat is your full system specs?(prossesor/mobo/etc.)
    What will you be using this card for?
    If it's for games what types of games do you want to play with it?
    I'm not sure your going to be able to run much of anything with a weak power supply like that.
  4. I'm not sure whether or not you're wanting to game with this card but either way I would suggest you get the 9800GT:
    Its within your budget and the performance beats the GT 240 and 5570. This review on the GT 240 shows benchmarks with the 8800GT but it's essentially still a 9800GT.
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