2500k video issue? or user error?

So I just built my new system and I'm loving it. I'm running the 2500k with a GeForce GTX570 at 1920x1080. Within the first day or two i noticed when running black ops, while video was playing and occasionally while simply playing the game the computer would hesitate and emit a quick buzz noise. The hesitation has also occurred when just on my desktop. Any idea of possible remedies? I dropped AA down from 8x to 4x in black ops and that seemed to improve things a bit for the game. I thought that this system should be able to run black ops on full without a problem....
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  1. What power supply do you have?
    The Buzz noise does not sound to good, probably hardware (power) related rather than settings. I would start by checking all connections.
  2. PSU ANTEC|EA750 750W RT is my psu. I'm going to check all the connections right now. Any other ideas?
  3. Not really but the at least the PSU is not crap. Main thing is to try to find out what part is emitting the noise!
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