Won't boot up!!!!!!! :S

I have just finished my new build.

It worked for like 1 hour and then it fucked up.
After i turned it off, the computer wouldn't boot again. Every time I try to boot it, the power LED lights and the fan moves for a second before they turn of again. The problem is not the motherboard, because the lights are on.

my motherboard: ASUS P8P67

and i have already re-build it just in case something went wrong the first time...
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  1. a few lights being on the MB does not indicate a good mb, or a good PSU.

    First likely suspect is PSU went out.
  2. I have tested the PSU and it does actually work. I got 1000 Watt so it should work.
  3. 1000watt does not equal a working pc it just means enough juice for almost anything (if it is not broken:P).
    Check your wiring it might be that some wires got loose which are essential for the MB to start (use the manual to be sure).

    If your pc is properly connected we move to the next step.
    Next step would be if possible to try to test your mobo with another psu (without any add ons like hdd, dvd-player, gfx card etc.) and without the current psu attached with only the most essential wires and things like ram and case connected. If you have no other psu then still only the bare essentials without any add ons.
    Still no good try to have the psu and or MB tested at a local pc shop.
    If it does start up you can begin adding your old stuff (begin with gpu then hdd all the way to your current set up).
    If it does not start up after you've plugged in something (like the gpu) you should post here again only then can we look at what might be the problem.

    PS: obviously this should all be done after you've shutdown your pc and disconnected the psu from power.
  4. Found that it was the PSU... there was gum in it -_-
    (and im not the stupid ****** who did it)!
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