Power Turns On But Doesn't Boot

I recently just tested out my memory since I was suspicious that something was faulty (Large downloaded archives having random corrupted parts, random BSOD reporting 'memory_management', etc). So I downloaded MemTest and burned it onto a CD and ran a test, sure enough it popped up numerous errors. I then proceeded to narrow down which of the two sticks it was. The first guess still showed up errors, then the other one worked just fine. I completely powered down the PC and bought a new identical memory stick today. I plugged it in with the other working one, and I also sprayed a bit of compressed air to clean out all the dust. When I pressed the power button though, the red power switch light came on, the fans ran (But sounded really bad at first), but neither the HDD light nor the CD drive light came on and nothing appeared on the monitor.

So I plugged in both the old memory sticks again, then just the working one, then just the new one, all showing the same result. I think I re-seated most of everything which still yielded no success. There could be something wrong with the Power Sw, Reset Sw, Power LED + and -, and HDD LED but I didn't move any of it while putting in the RAM or dusting. I'm pretty sure I re-seated it correctly according to this: http://attachments.techguy.org/attachments/154194d1249309082/intel-front-panel-pinout.gif (Exhausted now so I'll switch it around a bit more to see if I did do something wrong).

Then I forgot to plug in the IDE cable after one of the attempts, and the odd thing was the CD drive worked. So I'm really in a rut here, can anyone help me out?
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  1. The switches and the LEDs will not have any effect on the functioning of the rig.
    The connectors for the switches will work either way even if connected in the reverse order, the LEDs will not come on if they are connected the wrong way round but that won't make a difference to the machine, it only makes a difference to us , since we can't see if the IDE is functioning or not, power of course we can make out if it is on or not even without the LED telling us.

    If you feel there is a general fault in the circuitry of the case buttons you can always disconnect them a just try using the flat end of a screwdriver to short out the power pins on the board and later a rest short to see if it work out. That way you can put your doubt to rest.
    The problem , I believe goes way beyond the switches and LEDs. Since you have pulled out stuff and put it back in, you now need to try and remove everything from the PC, disconnect the entire mobo and just try to boot it up with the PSU and CPU.
    Then add one RAM stick if the first try was successful. and keep adding the good RAM sticks and not the Bad ones in the mix, one by one.
    Later you can connect the HDD and the ODD with their power cables and IDE/SATA connectors and see if they show up in the BIOS.
    If all goes well, you can reseat the whole thing back into the case and boot it up finally to check if all is well.
  2. Always install RAM in matched sets....if one id bad, return the set and get a new matched set.
  3. could be anything a loose wire connected to harddrives ect make sure all the cables are
    plugged in tight what about cpu fan plugged into mobo ? good advice from alyoshka
    make sure all cables ide sata power are plugged in good
  4. Fan on CPU and GPU runs. I can't narrow down what the hell it is, but I will try again in a little awhile. I mean, the power is on, the fans run, but the CD drive doesn't power unless the IDE cable is disconnected from the mobo.
  5. strange no juicev bomes from the ide cable might want to try resetting your bios unplug bd drive for now
  6. Just recheck if the IDE cables are plugged in correctly or if you have a spare IDE cable , I don't even know if it's a SATA or a PATA cable that you're using, but if it's a PATA, make sure the assignment of master and slave is done correctly. If it's a SATA cable, try another cable.
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