Good Mini/Micro ATX case with HDD storage

I am looking at building a mini itx/file server build for my photowork. Have 3-4 3.5" Drives that I will need to mount in the smallest case possible.

I want just a simple i3-2100 build and am trying to find a good box to put it in.

What is out there that is good?

Like the silverstone sg-05 but think I need more room. Reasons for being small are least amount of power used possible, and having ontop of a desk instead of on the floor.
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  1. That looks really good. Any other suggestions?

    These will all be 2tb WD Green Drives. Is there any way to hook up more than 4 Hard Drives to motherboards with only 4 ports?

    Looking at using this as the main board.
  2. You could try to find one of these Asus U3S6 True USB 3.0 & True SATA 6Gb/s
    Supply has vanished for some reason.
    Lian Li PC-Q08B Black Aluminum ITX

    Gigabyte H67N-USB3-B3 - Pricematch it/Ncix won't mind directcanada is the same company anyways
  3. Yeah I buy from Canada Computers and the PM Direct Canada.

    Also that Asus link is just to USB 3. I think what I am looking for is an internal switch or something as I will have all the HDs internally. Will probably have 1x SSD for OS then 4-5 2TB Greens for my server. Thanks for the help so far!
  4. Yes! the same way i purchase!
    That Asus card has 2 sata 6Gb ports on it too dude.
    It retailed for under $40.
    My local Canada Computers had them as recently as 6 months ago when i was looking at them again.
    I was going to get one a year ago thinking USB 3.0 was going to be useful lol!
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