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LGA 2011 Bent pins! paranoid!!

hey guys, ive looked everywhere on google and ive found nothing on bent pins on a lga 2011 socket.

i have an asus rampage extreme IV MB and i was just wondering how precise does the pins need to be bent back.
Reason why i ask is when i was just looking around to check if there were any problems i look off the cpu cover and immediately i saw a few dark spots on it (i had no idea what it was as ive never built a computer before so i googled it and found it its an indication of bent pins). Not knowing if it was me while taking off the cover or if it came like this i googled how to go about fixing it and there we suggestions like using a needle and just bend it back slowly until it looks like the rest of the pins, so ive been picking at it slowly and patiently for lyk 3 hrs, and it seems like everything is in place but when i shine it with some light on an angle, there is still a really small light dark patch visible, telling me that they are not PERFECTLY in line with the others. now im assuming that the pins are not critically bent because ive tried to take a photo of this with my iphone and i cant seem to capture what i wanted to point out, and the patch can only be seen if u look at it in a specific angle. but i am 100% sure that the pins are just SLIGHTLY bent either a little to the side or a little bit too far up than the rest of the pins. i have still get to get my cpu and psu which will i will get this thursday but i was wondering if there is anything i can do before then. thanks guys. REALLY appreciate it.. just really paranoid at the moment.. :cry:

(ive also noticed that the pins on the lga 2011 socket are all on an angle, its not like the older cpu sockets)
(also i tried using my finger to check whether if the pins were bend up or down and i felt the tips to im assuming it is just a little bend up.)
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  1. I'd be paranoid too about bent pins too. You may try gently dropping the new cpu into the board socket and see if it drops evenly with the frame of the socket bracket before locking it down. If you rma the board, asus will probably claim you caused the damage; they aren't customer friendly about bent pins. Newegg might send you a new board if they can't spot any visible damage, but I don't know where you purchased this board. good luck.
  2. i had another look at the cpu socket and i found that one of the pin tips are bent a TINY bit to the left, i tried bending it back with a pin needle but it still aint perfect, its still a tiny bit bent to the left, i read on another forum thread that the cpu pushes all the pins right down to the socket, no pins are touching right now and it seems like all pins have a clear way but im just worried that when it is pushed down, somehow that TINY TINY bent tip will touch another pin.. am i over thinking?? should i still try and boot??
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    If the cpu sits flat, then try rebooting. The pin may have straightened itself enough for the cpu to cover it. You can use a magnifying glass to inspect the area more closely. One thing I do recommend: once you have it running, don't mess with the cpu again. Don't be too paranoid about cpu temps. Get the heatsink locked in right the first time and be happy if it works. Temps of 40-65c are ok and your warranty will be safe if you run the stock Intel heatsink in this range.
  4. Can u post a picture?
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