Mini netebooks

i saw a toshiba with ddr3 and 1gig ddr3

and this one with the regular ddr2

what is the basic difference in relation to this specific type of machine? Will it boot faster and handle better multitasking? It doesnt have to be the same brand per say but I have noticed a few of these with more-ddr3, but less hz like 1g over 1.66 which most netbooks are. and cache is diff on some as well. some are 512k and others i think 1g. In lamens terms can you explain what the best set up is, the difference in these couple of things, and what would be the best buy.

netbook use for multi opened windows, heavy cpu use, basic internet or several pages open at once, and stype. it is not for gaming, but internet (pleasure) and business (word, excel, ect)
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    The first link opened up not on the netbook. The memory is not going to play a major role in speed the ones with DDR3 are newer. Some of them have dual core CPU's that will handle multitasking better than a single core.
  2. The Mini NB305 Series features: (toshiba)

    * Display: 10.1 inch
    * Memory: 1GB DDR3
    * Storage: 250GB (5400 RPM)
    * Processor: Intel® Atom™ Processor N455
    * Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Starter Edition

    this is all they really gave. Ok yes that makes sense. I knew they were newer, just wasn't sure if it would make that much of a diff for the price. Multitasking is what I want as long as it won't be "slower" than the ones on the market that are older. :D I wonder, would it be good to upgrade it to 2gig ddr3 as we did with the ddr2?
  3. Upgrading to more ram is a good upgrade.
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