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I'd like to beef up the security on my home network and I'm looking for some clarification. I'm using ATT u-verse which comes with a 2wire router/gateway with default encryption and firewall. I'd like to go one step further and add MAC address filtering so only legit computers can connect to my router.

I'm currently using both wired and wireless connectors. 2 computers connected directly via cat5 cables and 2 computers using wireless NICs. I was under the impression that using MAC filtering wouldn't affect the hard wired connections but I'd like confirmation. Anyone have experience in this area? Also, is it easy to add the 2 wireless connections? I kind of think I'm going overboard on security, but better safe than sorry.
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  1. Add the MACs of the hard wired ones just to be safe, i would also add the MAC addresses of the wired cards on the laptops just in case you ever plug them in as the wireless and wired connections are different NICs and have different MACs. On my router at home its a pretty simple table that you just drop the MACs into, its likely not much more complicated on yours.
  2. When you say default encryption, I hope its WPA/WPA2 and you changed the connection password and while your at it, change the default user/admin passwords for the router.
  3. It came defaulted as WPA and I didn't see a WPA2 option. I've changed the admin pass, but isn't that only accessible to hard wired connections? This is a home network, so I'm not afraid that anyone will wander into my home and change the settings.
  4. If you are connected to the network you can get to the login page for the router so its not only accessible from hardwired connections, i set up and maintain my home wireless network from my laptop over wireless.
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