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Ok so like the title states I am a first time computer builder. I got all my parts in last night and decided to bring in the new year with a very new experience. I am not completely new to computer in general just new to putting them together. Anyways I did a test boot before I put everything in the case booted up just fine, I put it all in the case and started connecting the oh so many plugs. I had no problems until I got to my case fans. I plugged two of the fans directly into the PSU and their was a 4 pin plug at the end of my PSU cable that I plugged into a 4 pin connector on the motherboard. I went to start up the computer and 4 pin connector started smoking the PSU was making a weird noise as well. I unplugged everything from power, unhooked the 4 pin plug and felt like dying. So I used another cable I had on my PSU to plug in the fan connectors leaving the 4 pin unhooked hit power and it booted up just fine! My main questions is how do I know that I didn't do any damage to the motherboard? I installed Windows 7, then came on here to ask this questions before I hit the sack. But if anyone has any advice on what I should look for or something I can do to test if everything is working properly that would be great! Thank you all for your time, and if you need pictures I will be more then happy to assist. (I apologize for not knowing the names of all the plugs)
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  1. Yeah, pictures would be great, we, here at Tom's are really dying for some new things to looks at.
  2. PC Specs, and some photo's would help ^_^
  3. photo please :D
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