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Is my mobo working (asus Crosshair formula v 990fx)

Hello,guy i recently added a new motherboard into a atx rig currently using:
amd3 phenom 1090T 6 core 3.20ghrtz (not overclocked)
asus crosshair formula v 990fx
16gb ddr3 ram
1gb ea5670 silent
30mb wireless card
875w power supply sli and crossfire compatible

so i put the new motherboard in everything was OK no probs and went to start it up the fans and hdd started then 5 secs no video after 1min it shutdown
my question is "is the motherboard fried?"
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  1. Can u reset the BIOS?
  2. yes but it does nothing for video now it only lights up led lights. cant even start
  3. ill try removing cmos battery
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    Mate every Single "Red Led Light" Indicates the Hardware causing this Problem these Lights are located next to the 24Pin just use a torch light or a glass magnifier to see which Hardware is causing this Problem than repost to see what we can do for you ;).
  5. that wasnt the problem the mobo was doa and i got it replaced and the pc works fine now
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