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A few days ago I started having some issues with the BIOS not posting. If the computer had been off for a couple hours BIOS almost never posted the first time I would try to turn it on. Frequently powering down and powering back on would make BIOS post and once post was complete everything seemed to work fine. Twice now the second time I power on the BIOS still will not post. This is where I and my friend who works computer repair get confused, while the power is on all fans and drives sound like they are running but the BIOS aren't posting if I start to take the side panel off, as soon as the top and bottom rails are no longer touching, BIOS post. First time I though it was maybe just a coincidence but the second time I started thinking that might be the cause. I have been running with my side panel off since last night and I had no start up problems this morning. I am running a CoolerMaster HAF full-tower and the build has been working fine for just over a year. I still think that the side panel thing may just be coincidence but I am still stumped. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well I suppose it was just a coincidence, the computer went downhill. The BIOS no longer post at all. All my components are in a different case and on a different mother board and everything is working. Could it be my BIOS chip?
  2. I have verified everything besides my Motherboard and CPU running properly, I don't have another AM3 board to test my CPU in and I never had any heat problems so I am just assuming it is the motherboard. I suppose when my new motherboard gets to me in a couple days I will find out.
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