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NZXT Phantom case, thoughts?


I recently ordered a NZXT Phantom red and am wondering what everyone else thinks about it or my decision.
Should I have grabbed black or white over red? Should I have gotten a whole different case all together?

I just want your thoughts on the case, today I learnt it's made of plastic and that slightly altered my decision.

I currently have an Antec 1200 but I want a more intelligently designed case that also looks nice.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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  1. The design isn't my cup of tea really :P to each their own. I've never been a fan of blue lights shining in my face so I prefer to have just a basic case, if possible with good sound properties and cooling.
    Cases that I've been looking at for future builds:
    corsair 600t
    fractal r3

    I've got a lot hard drives so I need plenty of expansion room. For my gaming rig I'm using an Antec 300. Oldy but goldy. Cheaper quality than my P180B, but I like the mid tower case size.
    edit: linked wrong case!
  2. One of my friends owns the fractal R3, It's appearance is simple but very attractive and just screams the words "professional" into my mind.

    It looks good, feels sturdy and is an all-round good case.

    The 600T in my opinion isn't a good looking case, looking at it from the front makes me think "Is that a computer case within a protective case of it's own?" but it definitely has quality on it's side.
  3. i have one, it looks nice and does good air flow.

    extremely easy to install with, though like most cases, the back-plate to put behind the board is a little tad hard to put on because the metal only gives you so little room to work with. You wouldn't have a problem with it if you had intel, which i can see, you do.

    As for the plastic worry, its not crappy plastic, it's ABS Plastic, extremely durable.

    If your front or top ends up breaking off because it fell or something extremely hard hit it, they sell one on their site for about $20. :D

    Cable Management extreme smart, easy to install cd drives and all that. Hard drive easy to put in, and it gets good cooling from the two fans case fans on the side blowing it.

    Good room for CPU coolers, tri x-fire, tri sli.
  4. Here's a question though: is the door hinge movable or does it always open to the right?
  5. Thank goodness, I really need cable management the most!

    Whenever I try to attempt even minute cable management, the other panel bulges so much it's not even worth doing it.

    Here's a picture of my "awesome" cable management..

    Uploaded with
  6. Holy cow joy. i actually though things would of been easier to manage if i had water cooling, your picture just totally killed it though.

    How are your cables so messy? you must not get enough front air with all those cables blocking.

    Here's how mine looks, clean as a whistle.

  7. I can't get my cables into the back, there isn't enough width there to place them, it bulges the panel out so much!

    My system gets more than enough cooling, I make sure of that with the sidepanel fan, the cables are only blocking the lower fan since I moved them out of the middle and top fan's path (much better than blocking all 3).

    Your system on the other hand has awesome management, I can't wait now!
  8. yeah, it was kind of difficult to get it to stay in too with all of them bulging out, what i did though was line them all on the bottom and stick some underneath the Hard drive slot to the left, and the ones over in the right that way there's enough room for all the cords.

    Just make sure you take time to manage it well, use lots of those metal wires to wrap the cords in the back so they won't drag down.

    bad thing is, you need to buy an extra 200mm side fan, 200mm upper, and 140mm front.

    i bought all three, then bought the silver arrow and it's too large that it poked at the side fan so i had to take that off. :[

    Everything else is good though. Only bad thing i can think of is sometimes you touch the ABS Plastic, it makes some crackling noises and its heavy as a *$@&% to carry.
  9. Aww you need to buy some of the damn fans separately?

    I really need those fans, I want cooling performance similar to that of my Antec 1200, I don't mind if it's just a little worse.

    Maybe I can re-use my Antec's top 240mm fan?

    Oh well, I'll order them too if they don't come with my case and trust me, I'll pour hours of time into cable management to get it looking perfect, but this Antec case is pure hell to do any management with it, I did a little bit for the fan controllers.
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    Actually since i took my side fan off, you can have it as long as you pay for shipping.

    haha. we can even do it on ebay so you can give me a good review. im only on 11 Positive. T_T

    You can't use the 240mm or any other 200mm set aside from NZXT.

    What they do is make label their fans 200mm when truly they are only measured at 192mm. Thus you can't use their fans in another case, and you can't use yours in theirs. kind of crappy isnt it?

    i had to buy four 5mm blue leds for the front of it wouldn't of looked so pretty.

    With all the fans in the case (7), one cool thing to have would be their NZXT Sentry 2 controler. it's really fun to have and its touch screen! haha.

  11. I only have one good rating on E-Bay and no bad ratings, but my only good rating is for buying a Radeon 6850 lol.

    When I get the case, I'll see how many fans it comes with, if it doesn't come with enough to keep my PC cool out of the box I might have to take you up on that offer.

    I'll probably end up buying as many fans as the case can hold thereafter, I'll post some pictures of it and maybe a Video of it afterwards ahha.
  12. great, i'll have it whenever you need it.

    the extra fans probably won't do anything since you have water. though a front 140mm would be nice for front to back breather.
  13. I like fans :D

    The more the merrier, We'll see though, if the system can manage a good temperature (remember, 2 GTX470's produce some serious temperatures).
  14. why did you go for two 470?s why not a 480 haha.
  15. I decided the extra performance and price of the two cards was a better buy than a single GTX480, I enjoy the same framerates you would expect to see from SLI'd GTX560's.

    I don't plan on giving up on my 470's anytime soon, well maybe next weekend.. but I'll see, there's nothing I can't run on maximum at playable settings (except maybe Metro in some cases).
  16. Metro is a @$$*$ to run. lol.

    i'm not a fan of dual graphic cards, too much heat and power consumption. Don't feel like paying to much for electrical bills even though my parents takes care of them, i feel sorry on my part.

    the 470's are good though, i use a single 5870 but too scared to grab another, i hear the scaling is bad. Perhaps its a little better now with the new drivers?

    i have a GTX 470 as well, but it's a Galaxy. Glows Blue and stuff, it's fun. looks like a toy.
  17. Yeah dual cards can be pretty power hungry, plus if your PSU goes bad explosively, you have not only one dead card to worry about, but two..

    A 5870 is a fantastic card, it's pretty much all anyone needs if they want a good all-rounder.
  18. I too was thinking about getting one of these, the review I read was glowing.

    Your case looks great trihedral.

    @ Supermuncher85 there is a button that lets you turn all the lights off. It's a pretty cool case for the money IMO. ;^)
  19. @ Omnipanzer

    The Button is located at the back of the case and that only turns off the Top 200mm fan's LED.

    The Power LED along with Fan Control LED stays on. Usually i fold a T-Shirt and cover it. ^_^

    But yeah, if anyone doesn't like LED's, just mod it by removing the blue led, or get your own color and solder it in there. Not advised for newbies solderers though.
  20. I sit corrected, I thought the review I read stated all lights but I'll trust the one that owns it.
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