Asus p9x79 deluxe: UEFI BIOS FLASH taking too long

I updated it with a fat32 usb stick using ez flash to solve my previous problem and now its on a black screen with writing on it saying "updating bios do not turn off"... It gets from 0% to 100% very slowly and I think it has done it twice now...

What am I doing wrong?

I can't even get the back panel flashing working.
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  1. It updates normally in the ezflash menu, it's when it restarts it gets to the blackscreen with writing.
  2. Mate its simple just turn on your Rig if you still can access your O.S that's great than enter your O.S click on ASUS AI Suite II click on the ASUS Update section it will pop up click on update my Bios from a File "in this case make sure that the ROM file is extracted and available on your desktop" than click on flash and leave it alone after the flashing its done it needs to Reboot therefore reboot enter your Bios & Set everything up again F10 save & exit & enjoy it ;).
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