How do I know what graphics card is compatible with my computer?

I'm thinking of getting an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 for my computer, however I don't know if it's even compatible with it. I've got a Dell Inspiron 530. I'm not sure if it's motherboard will support that, so any help is appreciated. Thank you! ^^
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  1. It has a PCIe slot, so yes. The only concern is the PSU. Can you open up the case and have a look inside? If you could post the 12v ratings of the PSU here then we can give you a very clear yes or no.
  2. +1= Check the psu-
  3. Things to check for:
    1: Motherboard, does it have a pci-e slot?
    2: Power Supply, most retailers like DELL use weak 300w psu's to run most of their desktop models.
    3: Processor, if the cpu is too weak(a dual core below 2.6GHz) you may not get the full performance a 450 can give.
    4: Monitor, If you're using a resolution like 1280x720, a weaker card would be a better option.
    5: Size, if you have a small sized case, you may have problems with non htpc ready cards.
  4. Yeah, I'd listen to malmental on this one. He knows his Dells.
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