AMD 955 fine for SLI and 8GB RAM

Hi There

Do you guys thing a Phenom II X4 955 BE (OC to 3.5Ghz) is the right CPU for a 9800GTX+ (512MB) SLI setup and 8GB DDR2 800hz RAM

Some of the other specs are...

MB - M3N-HT deluxe\memepipe (2011 BIOS)
Primary Drive (AHCI) - SSD Samsung (2008) SATA II
PSU - 750w
CPU Cooler - CoolerMarter Hyper z600
Case Cooling - CoolerMaster HAF 932
LCD - Samsung 32" 1080p (1920X1080) (DVI-HDMI)

Why i'm asking i do not want any bottlenecking or at lest not from the cpu ?

Your Thoughts.
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  1. I used to have a 955BE on stock speeds running both of my GTX470's in SLI, it ran perfectly.
  2. So you think the 955 wont hold anything back
  3. Overclocked to 3.5-3.6 will run pretty much anything, when using my 470's I did see a CPU bottleneck in GTA IV but overclocked to 3.6GHz, and it ran fine thereafter.
  4. Great getting good news is awesome ThaX joytech22
    What was you Rig Spec at that Time just for intrest sake ?
  5. Very few Modern cpus bottleneck.
  6. OK so i made up my mind i'm setting the 955 ...Right NOW

    Thank eveyone !!!
  7. It's a great CPU, you can easily get 3.8 GHz with a slight voltage bump to 1.42 V and some decent air cooling like a Cooler Master 212+ and some Scythe Slipstream fans. Or if you really want to be safe, some Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000 RPM fans.
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