Crackling/Glitching Audio On ASUS P5Q Pro, Need Help.

Hi, i recently bought a new case with a new PSU Inside aswell (CM Storm Enforcer w/ GX650 Psu)

I moved all my parts from my old computer case to my new one, it took about 3 hours as i got stuck for a bit on where the wires went, but i figured it out, i noticed that i had a wire that said HD Audio & AC97, i wasn't sure what one i plugged into the motherboard, i decided that i probably had HD Sound in before so i put it in, i'm not sure it went into the socket fully but i pushed down pretty hard and it was in (i think) inside the socket where it had to go.

before i put it into this case i noticed that when i went on skype that my headset (Turtle beach X11) would not work properly and that i had to sort of randomly put it out and back in, mic and audio jacks for like 10 minutes before i got both to work fine.

Now however, my audio jacks when i plug and sound device in it makes a crackling noise and sound cuts out and comes back every half second or so, it also shows when i go onto the devices part that my headphones are being plugged out and plugged back in very quickly, can someone spread some light on this issue, i dont want to have to get one of those EXTREMELY bad sound quality external sound cards, as to be honest the sound probably isnt even good enough to know if someone was shooting or walking.

I may try moving the HD audio out and putting AC97 in to see if it makes a difference.
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  1. What is your motherboard's on-board sound output? If it is analog, use the AC97 connector plug from the Front Panel to the motherboard. If it is HD, then use the Front Panel HD Audio connector to the motherboard. If you still get statis, you may have to ground the Front Panel connectors to the frame, using a copper wire.
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