1GB 128Bit GDDR5 vs. 2GB 256bit GDDR3

I'm upgrading my system in a few weeks, and was hoping I could get some thoughts on the following...

Looking at a microATX AM3 board ($80 +/- 10). A 3.2GHz Athlon II x3 Rana CPU ($85). 8GB (2x4GB) of 1333 DDR3 ram ($95). And getting Windows 7 64-bit Home version. ( prices)

I have a 500W Thermaltake Purepower 500NP PSU. All other components will be swapped from my Acer M1100 case.
I'm currently running a Geforce 8600GT, 512MB, 128bit, GDDR3.

Part of my system upgrade will be to find a suitable graphics card, to go along with the other new equipment.

I don't do a lot of gaming on my PC. The original upgrade to the 8600GT and the power source to go with it, was for when I was playing WoW and Conan. Both of which I haven't played for over two years.

I'm currently playing Civ5. My wife just installed the first Fable game. Most of our time is spent browsing the internet. I do occasionally use Photoshop CS3 for basic photo editing. And we just bought a Canon Vixia HD digital camcorder earlier this month. So I have a feeling I may get into some entry-level video editing some time in the near future.

So my question is: how will a 2GB, 256bit, GDDR3 GeForce GTS 250 ($170) compare to a 1GB, 128bit, GDDR5 Radeon 5770 at the same price point? And why would one be better than the other considering the setup and demands it'll receive?

GeForce GTS 250 Link

Example 5770 Link

Thanks for your time.
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  1. oh boy... can you tell us what your FULL budget is?
  2. Honestly, no.
    I'm putting the eggs in my basket, before I get the hen. We're supposed to be getting a profit sharing (xmas) bonus in the upcoming weeks. So I'm playing around with different build configurations, ranging from $450 - $750 CDN.
    Ideally, I don't want to go over $600. But I don't even know if we're getting the money or not.

    I was simply looking for the merits of each GPU. What makes one better than the other, given the environment in which it will be used.

    I know I could get a better CPU. But I like the price of the 3.2MHz triple-core Rana. I'm upgrading from a 2.1MHz Athlon x2. I was told that this processor is not that difficult to OC, and that a 3.5MHz target isn't out of the question.

    If you'd like to suggest I build my system around a specific graphics card, I would consider it. My limit is $200 CDN. And I'll change the other components to keep the price down.
  3. the 5770 is faster. 2gb on a gts250 is useless as you will not likely ever be using all the memory. 2gb would only be usefull with fast top end cards running huge resolutions.
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  6. I've been checking Newegg daily for the past week and a half. I'm amazed at how quickly their prices seem to change, and how fast their inventory seems to deplete.

    Thanks to iam2thecrowe. I appreciate your response.

    I gather I need to do a little research on GPU terminologies and specs to determine what each spec means in real-world terms.
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