Games, Video Streaming only choppy if connected to internet.

I have a strange issue on only one of my desktops. It is an XP64 bit system. Display driver is the latest and so is the NIC. I can play video no problem. I can play games no problem as long as it is single player but if i conenctect to a internet game the game freezes or the viedoe freezes for a coupe seconds then resumes then freezes again. It didn't use to do that before and it is the only machine i have that does it. I have FIOS 35/35 which is a ton of bandwidth. It seems if i do anything internet on that machine it slows the whole machine down. I am thinking a possible nic going bad?

searching on google jsut says about lag or things like that but I have no problems with any other machine in the house but this one.
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  1. Try some other browser and see if it's the same. Mozilla Firefox, for instance.
  2. Okay update. I went out 2 days ago for about an hour and came back and the monitor was on and the screen was frozen. This computer never does that. I am tracing it to a CPU or Motherboard issue.

    When you power on, all fans are running fine but there are no beeps and the computer does not post.

    I have removed the graphics card and no beeps that you would normally here if you had no graphics card. I removed the drives and the memory and still no beeping.

    So is it a dead cpu or a dead motherboard?

    The Motherboard I have is a MSI RS480M2-IL 939 ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

    The computer is an eMachines T6212;rnav

    I have had this machine for years and it has been rock solid.
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