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I'm having trouble with an 8 year old homebuilt system using an old MSI socket-A mobo. It runs fine for the most part, I can even play more intensive games like L4D2 on it. Occasionally though it locks up on me, just completely stops, no looping audio, no blue screen/black screen, it just stops completely. It does this a lot in Minecraft multiplayer. (I would suspect the ethernet port except that all other online gaming works fine). On reboot, WhoCrashed reports no new crashdumps (I have dumps enabled). Any thoughts on what would cause a lockup without bluescreen? Particularly in Minecraft multiplayer (I can play single player with no problems)? Thanks.
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  1. My guess would go to old hardware, 8 years is a long time.
    Locks up you mean shuts off or it just stops as if the harddrive is stuck?
    Shutting off could mean motherboard or psu. Probably not the harddrive otherwise you would get dumps.
    Have no real idea as to how to test it since it comes and goes... hmmm is your gfx card being actively used when playing minecraft and for long periods?
  2. No system shutdown, just a freeze. The last frame remains on the screen, no sound, nothing else happens, it just locks up. Fans and everything keep running.
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    Might be the graphics card....
    Do you have another gfx card, you could try swapping to see if you experience the same problems.
    No psu problem though... and like I said a hdd problem would or should give dumps.
    So it's either the mobo or the graphics card (is my guess anyway).
  4. Well I seem to have fixed it. The computer would no longer POST so I started unplugging stuff. Turns out unpluging my Rosewell USB keyboard let it boot fine. I plugged it into a different USB port and it seems to be working ok for now. I also underclocked my old 7600GS to 300/300 from 400/400. I don't need all that power just to run the apps I do for now. Just played Minecraft multiplayer for about an hour with no issues!

    Thanks for the advice, always helps bouncing ideas off people.
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  6. Problem came back, USB ports kept failing, pretty sure it was the mobo or gfx card or both. Not worth any more effort at this point, I just junked it.
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