NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT fried. Switch to a Radeon HD 5750?

Would I experiance any problems in a Gateway FX that came with a GeForce 9800 GT if I switched to a Radeon HD 5750? I want to make sure I don't waste my money because I didn't know about some compatibility error. Also, would there be a better graphics card for around 150$? Id rather not get an nVidia because its only been like a year and a half and this one's dead. I had that stupid Code 43 error. Please help? Thanks.
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  1. Nvidia is good !-
    Well, 5750 isn't a high performance card, are you sure you want that card; there are faster alternatives that will be better - 5770 or a gts 450,
    What are your specs ?
    Especially your psu -
  2. I may sound like a noob here, and i guess i am. lol but whats psu?
  3. Power supply unit ;)
  4. UPDATE: its fine, i googled it. XD Okay, i have a 1000w power supply, im fairly certian.
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    You've got enough power for it, I would go for a 5850. I have one and it really cranks I can play just about anything on max settings and 1920x1080 resolution. I'm not sure what your processor is but this card does work quite well. With the rebate this one is $180, if you can stretch the extra $30 its not a bad idea, heres the link to it.
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  7. Thanks alot! that sounds like a good card and thats a really good deal on it. there wouldnt be an issue switching from that nvidia to this would there?
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