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Will CPU Bottlneck My GPU?

Will my CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 bottleneck my GPU i.e:GTX 460?
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  1. Um, Yes a little, but still get the GTX 460. It is good. An OC to say around 3.3 - 3.5Ghz would help alot. :D
  2. Not at all, dual core CPU's don't bottle neck single GPU's cards. Still, if you think it can, you can always make a safe overclock to your current CPU(by safe overclock I mean a slight overclock)
  3. At lower resolutions the GPU is utilised less than playing at full 1080p resolutions, and more dependency is put onto the CPU. What resolution are you gaming at?
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    1 gig 460 or 768 ?

    the memory bendwidth being different 256 bit on the 1 gig, 192 bit on the 768

    i think the 768 would not be bottlenecked at all, and the 1 gig might be slightly (nothign a small overclock wouldn't fix though) also the bottleneck would be slight and onyl effec tperformance by a small margin really you're good with either card
  5. Thanks everyone for your support.
    Now i get that my GPU will be bottleneck to very small extent n i may neglect it.
    I am gaming at 1280 x 1024.
    N i am going to buy 1GB wit 256-bits of memory bandwidth.
  6. It was hard to select the best answer.
    But i used to pick one out every time.
    By the way,thanks all of u for your help.
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