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Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I want to build my own computer and I wanted some suggestions. I mainly just want to gain knowledge on computers. I am not a huge PC gamer, so games are not that important. My price range is around $700.

I do not need an OS, keyboard, or mouse. I need everything else including a monitor (just has to get the job done).

If anyone can give me suggestions on what parts to use, I would greatly appreciate it. I prefer using Newegg.
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    Hey schox5!

    Check out one of these two "Basic computer" builds: =~ $333 =~ $460

    That is without a monitor: As for your monitor, do you have any size specifications? This one looks pretty good for your price range with the "second tier" build above. Its 23.6" and full 1080p.

    haha had to edit forgot to link the monitor:
  2. What do you use your computer for then?
  3. Thank you bloodymoth!

    And I use the computer primarily to surf the web, watch movies/videos, and school work (coding/programming). I play games once in a while, but that is definitely not the most important aspect to me.
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