How to upgrade acer4310 videocard and RAm


i have acer 4310 laptop, is there anyway i can upgrade my CPU speed of 1.73ghz to 3.0ghz RAM from 512 mb to 4gb, and 64mb videocard to 128mb above.
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  1. Here is some more info on your laptop:

    The CPU clock speed cannot (and should not) be increased as doing so will add to heat problems, especially in a laptop.

    According to the manufacturer, the max supported RAM is 2 GBs. You can change the present RAM by adding two modules of DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM (ir 533 MHz is not available, 667 will work).

    The LCD display is powered by integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelelator GMA 950 Graphics Chipset. This chipset is part of the motherboard and cannot be changed.

    2GBs of RAM will show an improvement in performance.
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