Laptop getting a BSOD after installing latest Nvidia drivers.


My Gateway laptop has been getting a BSOD after I have installed the lastest Nvidia drivers.
I have a Nvidia 8800 GTS, and I am using windows vista 32-bit.

After I Install the drivers and restart like it asks, it doesnt even reach the log-in screen again before it gets the blue screen, citing the display drivers as the problem.

I've tried downloading the drivers from multiple locations. Including the official Nvidia site. As well as going through the steps in safe mode and running driver sweeper to ensure a proper install, and still nothing. I have also tried older drivers and nothing seems to work again now. I'm currently in normal mode with whatever default VGA windows has installed.

Any suggestions would be really helpful!
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  1. First thing I would say is don't always assume the latest drivers are the best. I'm currently running 197.45 because the 250.xx drivers caused several errors in GTA and Crysis and limited my OC by quite a bit. Sometime's it's worth testing out a few drivers to see which suits your computer and games list the best.

    When your computer gets BSOD, is the error message related to the nvidia driver? It'll say something like "nvlddmkm.sys" if it is.

    Do you know what drivers you were using before you installed the latest? Did you definitely download the correct drivers for your GPU? (IE. downloading 8M series and not 8, as you're in a laptop? Though I'm not a big buff on laptop hardware so dunno if your card is dedicated?)
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