ECS A885GM-A2 audio jack issues

I'm on my first build here and I am using an ECS A885GM-A2 motherboard. The audio jacks in the back do not work at all. I did install all the drivers from the disc, and when I plug something in, Windows recognizes it and asks me what I plugged in (e.g. speaker, microphone). When I playback audio, the bars move in the volume mixer yet I hear nothing.

I've tried with a verified working set of speakers and a set of headphones.

The front panel audio jacks work (sort of) but have an entirely different problem that I am not tackling now. Currently, I am using a USB audio interface, but even this is cumbersome since I have to unplug it and plug it back it in each time my computer wakes from sleep, otherwise it doesn't work.

Any ideas appreciated.
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  1. Both of your problems are the same as mine my motherboard is ASUS P5Q PRO, i put up a post earlier today about this, mines started to not work for skype but everything else worked now my sound has taken a *** on me :(, i might have to get a external sound card :/
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