Mouse right-click malfunction

Since recently, every time I click the right button of my mouse, the "click" is made 2 - 4 times on the computer. For exaple I'm playing a fps game and want to scope clicking the right button. Instead of opening the scope, the game acts as if i would tap the right button and opens and closes the scope 2 - 3 times, very fast.
I've been using this mouse for about 3 years now and never had any issues with it until now. It has not been dropped recently or anything which may have caused an internal error. I also noticed that when I'm on the desktop and click and hold the right mouse button the if I hold it for a longer time, the right-click-menu will come up as if I would make a click.

I've checked the drivers and windows tells me I've got the latest ones. I have this tab in mouse options named "SetPoint" but when I enter SetPoint the program only ltes my configure my keyboard (logitech).

Anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. Take it apart and clean it.
  2. It had some dirt in it, but the malfunction isn't gone.
  3. New mouse time man, New mouse....
  4. Alright, I forgot I had a newer model lying somewhere in my drawers, gonna trash this one.

    Thanks for the tip Moto, lol.
  5. np, hope you got sorted ok with the new one?
  6. Yeah, the new one works just fine. They are both X7 mouses, although the new one is X-781F. I guess the old one had some kind of physical damage after all...
  7. well, glad the issues fixed as it were, happy gaming/surfing man :)
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