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Hello all,

I currently have the following setup.

Graphic card:

I have two DVI cable hooked up to the graphic card. One goes to my monitor the other to my TV. I have the audio speakers (since it's DVI and not HDMI and sound comes out of the computer audio speakers) near the TV since the computer is close enough to the TV.

I want to eliminate all that by throwing in a card with HDMI out and hooking that exclusively up to my TV. I can get a low profile card like the following:

My question is basically can I do this? Am I able to utilize the other PCI Express slot on my motherboard even though it's not the same 9800GTX+?
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  1. The question is if you can add two graphic cards one connected with HDMI to the TV and the other with your monitor? You can do that by just buying a card that has HDMI, VGA and DVI output all in one. You can hook up both TV and monitor to the card and with HDMI you can pass audio and video to the TV. But the question is why do that? Does the built in speakers of the TV have better sound than the PC Speakers?
  2. Well, that would require me getting a "newer" card. I was looking to just spent like 50 bucks and just get a low profile second card. I was wondering if anyone has a setup like this or has run into any problems.
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